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Frequently Asked Questions

Showroom Visits

For personal consultation make an appointment to talk to us about all your leather needs - email or phone ahead. 

Walk in customers are welcome to come in and browse and purchase from our showroom selection.  

The Showroom is open 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday till Thursday.  Fridays 9.00am- 4.00pm  (excluding public holidays)  Trade clients wishing to come in earlier or later should contact us, to make an appointment.  We are not open weekends.

We do not discuss trade/wholesale pricing without proof that you are a business client.


We are just in the process of updating this website - stay tunned for a new site early 2017 - there are all kinds of odd issues starting to occur with images and logging in as well as not locking off stock minimum order quantities, on this site. The new site should be much clearer and easier to use. 

Have a look at our information on ordering upholstery leather, shipping and acceptance of hides when you receive them. 

NOTE - Leather and hides are a beautiful natural product,  hides will have, flaws, holes and other natural markings, these are not faults. 


 Easy guides to our hardware range

 Bag, Belt & Pet ware Hardware Catalogue  or  Equestrian, Saddlery  Hardware Catalogue *min order quantities apply -these are best purchased online.

Ordering with us

We prefer retail sales and trade sales to be placed via the website - it is the fastest most reliable way of ordering with us.  See our Terms and Conditons  Freight Policy

Trade/wholesale clients please make sure you log into your account - you will need to have contacted us for access. If you do not have a 20th of the month credit account with us, selecting Purchase Order will not pay us - we will assume you want to pay via online banking as below


Cowhide Rugs for sale

Have a look at our  Facebook page  for some of our current cowhide rugs for sale or email us - we have 100's or rugs in stock,  Want to see how cowhide rugs suit any decor visit our   Pinterest pages  for design inspiration and rugs for sale.

Price discrepancies.

Occasionally there could be syncronization issues beyond our control between our live stock control/pricing system and the website, so prices may not display correctly on the website.  If this should happen and you place an order based on that pricing, we will contact you prior to processing your order, and will only continue at the correct pricing only if you agree, and we will seek to fix the problem immediately. 

Payment - Paypal and how to leave us a note on your order

On the website we have Paypal enabled, if you wish to pay by credit card,  follow all the steps though to the Paypal redirect, you will be able to select a credit card option there. There is a section in the payment area to leave us a message about your order - IE - I would like rug # 298 or I would like a black piece of scrap


All prices on the website are exclusive of GST, if you are a trade client, you will be quoted excluding gst prices by email or phone.

Minimum order sizes

Leather hide quantities are generally per sqft or sqm (very few are measured per each).  If a hide says min order 23 that would be 23sqft = one side.   Or 5 would be 5sqm = One hide.  Leather is only sold as a whole hide or side - we do have 1/4 hides in some of the job clearance leather.The website sometimes allows the ordering of under the minimum order, we cannot supply less than the minimum  order.


Stock Availability

If an item is temporarily out of stock, you will be contacted and informed.  We do our best to keep the website correct, though there are occasional anomalies.  

Commercial- trade Clients

Please contact us directly for special pricing for projects. 

Paying by online banking - Please use this only if you have no access to paying by credit card.

We will do a proforma invoice for you so you can pay via internet banking; you need to put your order in on the website like normal.  And when it comes time for payment, select

*Purchase Order (only for trade Customers with approved Credit) if you do not have a 20th credit account with us this method will not pay us.

Comments can be added in the shipping comments. once you are in the check out  – Put in will need a proforma invoice and your email address – we email proformas out- it can take 2 business days to send you a proforma – if we have to pull leather hides for you.

We require payment within 5 business days - of us sending a proforma.

Goods are despatched on receipt of payment. We endeavour to send goods out as soon as possible, however, please be patient, as payment can take some time to appear if made with online banking. We will advise you if goods are out of stock or unavailable.  We are not responsible for courier delays.

We would like to think that our prices are highly competitive, we are happy to discuss price matching and volume based discounting.


Scrap leather

Most of our leather is sold by the hide only.  We do not sell scrap, see our specials page for lower priced options.

Samples and Images

While we take every care to provide items close to our samples and images, we remind you that leather is a natural product, batch variation (which can be quite dramatic, especially in aniline leathers) will occur, a sample is a small representation of what a hide may look like and cannot be taken as representative of the hide you will receive.  Colours of images can vary to individual monitors and printers; we are not responsible for any inaccuracies.  Please pay this close consideration when ordering. Always order extra hides if colour consistency is critical to your project

Hardware measurements (Rings, Loops, Dees, Snaps) Measurments

Hardware items are measured by internal diameter, with the measurement indicating what width strap, or webbing they can accommodate.  In the case of snaps, the length is measured from tip to tip and there can be minor variations of a few milimetres.

We are not a tannery

Please be advised that we are not a tannery, and as such we do not sell unfinished hides such as wet blue pelts or similar.  About us. 

Things to note about how we purchase, we have MOQ's to meet from tanneries or other suppliers, these are generally 5000 sqft + of any one kind of leather, sold as a tannery run mix grade.  This can take 6 months from order date, tanneries also offer no credit, all of our orders must be cash up front.  

Authenticity of your leather, verifying Fake or synthetic leather - P.U leather and Bi Cast

We do not supply fake or faux leather and cannot advise on the authenticity of leather you have sourced from other suppliers or goods you have purchased.  To ensure the authenticity of your leather purchase, we recommend you purchase leather for your project directly from ourselves or an alternative reputable supplier.  Our Upholstery leather buying guide  is also a valuable resource if you are planning on purchasing upholstery leather. Please note P.U Leather is not leather  PU is short for Polyurethane, which is a plastic.  Bi cast Leather is not full grain leather, and is a term used for a variety of either suede splits with a coating of plastic film, or a plastic leather replica.  

Dyeing Leather

We have put together the How to dye leather guide for your reference.  We are not able to provide advice beyond this guide and cannot guarantee your dyeing projects  However, we have many people who have been able to successfully follow the steps in this simple guide.Cost to recolour starts around $30.00 for a oil dye and top coat to $50.00 -$60.00 with a Deglazer.  You can order these online see our section on Leather Dyes and Leather Prep.  Dyes and Deglazer cannot be shipped to Rural Address, and incur a dangerous goods fee.  Please also review the other handy links


Leather Care, how to clean your leather, how to make things, repair things.

We cannot give any further guidance on how to clean and care for your leather, for garments we suggest you see a quality dry cleaner.  There are many types of leather and many types of stains.Leather and cowhide rug care instructions          

Saddlers, shoemakers and leather workers are the people to see about repairs, or having things made.  We suggest Google and YouTube for how to make things in leather, there are 100's of techniques and types of project -it is a craft, learnt over time. We also recommend Leatherworker.net this site is a fabulous resource for anything you wish to know about leatherwork 


Cowhide Rug Care Instructions

Vacuum clean only
Warm water and soap spot clean
Allow to dry naturally
No cleaners or chemicals to be used
All our cowhide rugs are hypo-allergenic

Things to note when purchasing Hardware and fittingsHardware and fittings

Hardware items are measured by internal diameter,  the measurement indicates what size strap, or webbing they can take.   Rivets are measured by the head measurment  then the shaft.

Things to note when purchasing general leather

Leather is a natural product made from animal hides. It is common for the animal to have come into contact with sharp objects such as barbed wire, bushes or the horns of other animals. These encounters can leave scars and scratches which have healed naturally. They do not reduce the wearing qualities of the leather and actually enhance its appearance as they are the proof marks of genuine leather. 

Things to note when purchasing upholstery leathers

With leather in short supply, hides are purchased by tanneries in unfinished form from all over the world for finishing.  South America is the raw material source of much of the upholstery leather produced by tanneries. The main breed of cattle from South America are Brahman with their distinctive large hump on the top of the shoulder area.  These humps are removed and the resulting hole (sometimes football shaped and sized and sometimes a slit) is called a zipper.  They are not a fault or a flaw, and will be found in finished upholstery leathers from all over the world, including Italy.

Samples - Analine Leathers Colour variations can be expected to occur within each hide, from hide to hide and from batch to batch. Being an aniline leather, samples you receive may vary from your bulk order and this variation is unavoidable.

We are sometimes asked about fold marks. To minimise the cost of freight, it is common practice for suppliers to fold leather for shipping purposes. While it is rare, fold marks can happen and need to be cut around.  It is possible to hang the leather which can help the fold drop out.

Things to note when purchasing indent lines

Indent - Overseas orders, these cannot be returned - unless the product is faulty.  We will not take back over ordered upholstery hides – please check your measurements thoroughly.  An average hide is 5sqm – you will be supplied as close as possible to the amount you have ordered, but always over. Example – you want 6-8 sqm – that will take two hides approx 10-11sqm.


Things to note when purchasing Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs like leather will have individual markings,  they can have brands, scars- these can be areas with less hair or hair not there in a line.  Cowhide rugs are a beautiful natural product,  hides will have, flaws, holes and other natural markings, these are not faults.  We supply many other companies with our cowhide rugs, and supply top quality cowhide rugs.  Sale rugs will have the potential to have more natural characteristics. Found a rug you want from our photo you want on facebook simply follow the link through and in the check out you can add a comment - just tell us which rug you have picked. Email us for  help.



Some products we simply cannot sample as they are one off items, or are measured units (clients do not appreciate missing inches from rolls of thong, or webbing) We cannot sample hides for purchases under $130.00


Inch to mm conversion

1/2 inch = 12mm

1 inch = 25mm

1.5 inch = 38mm

2 inch = 50mm

Full conversion chart Imperial, inch,mm and Leather weights/thickness and their use a handy visual guide 


 mm to inch conversion chart