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A Reindeer hide is the essence of natural beauty, the thick warm fur promotes the feeling of sumptuous luxury. It brings a tough of Nordic glamour to any interior!

The soft tactile nature of a Reindeer hide lends itself to be draped over furniture, chairs or simply thrown over the end of the bed.
These stunning and elegant decorative accessorys really shine and brings style to any event.

Hide SizeApproximately 1.21m x 1.12m - Each hide differs slightly in size due the natural nature of this product InformationRemarkably rare, and utterly beautiful, our white hides are a stunning show stopper piece and our unparalleled Premium quality Reindeer are impeccable.

Hides are beautiful natural products, designed by Mother Nature. Each hide has unique character and markings which is all part of their beauty!
Reindeer hides are delicate and best used where there is no foot traffic. Avoid heat and sunlight to prevent shedding.

All of our hides are ethically sourced by products

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