How to Order Leather

How our minimum order works - hides are estimated at approx. size.  The minimum order is the smallest amount of that kind of leather you can order.   Hides are sold as a whole hide, a side, a butt, a piece.    If you are looking for small/cheap bits of leather – search scrap – we do not cut leather into bits for you.

We offer limited sampling; our photos are a good representation of product.

When ordering leather there are some things you need to know to make the ordering process easier for you.


1. Leather pricing is listed either per square metre (sq mtr) or per square foot (sq ft) or per piece.  If you only know the sqmtr area you require but the leather you want it is only sold in sq ft, or vice versa,  Use these formulas to convert it: 


“x” sqmtr x 10.764 = “y” sqft          Example:   If a hide is  3.71sqm  X 10.764 = 39.93 sqft

        “y” sqft ÷ 10.764 = “x” sqmtr         Example:   If a hide is 40 sqft ÷ 10.764 = 3.7160m approx  


2. When calculating your area requirements, make sure you allow for wastage, as the irregular shape of most hides make it is impossible to use all the leather. You will need to budget for anything from 10-50% wastage depending on size and shape of the pieces you are cutting from the hide and the type of leather.  

3. We do not “cut to order” or estimate out how much leather you will need, or is your panels will fit on a hide. We simply supply leather in the same form we receive it from tanneries (e.g full hide, ½ hide, single butt, etc.)  So we have calculated a “average hide size” for each type of leather and entered it as the default area quantity for the “Add to Cart” button; so you will not be able to order less than that.  

4. Hide sizes can vary +/-10% from the listed average, so you may be supplied and charged for slightly more or less leather, depending on what leather hides are actually available at the time of picking your order. 

5. If you require more than the average hide size, simply over-write the default QTY using a value that is a multiple of the listed average hide size, and click “Add to Cart”.  E.g. If you need 30 sq ft and the average hide/butt QTY is 20 sq ft, enter 2 x 20 = 40 sq ft in the “Add to Cart” box.

6. If we cannot supply your leather order within +/- 10% of your area requirements, we will contact you for your approval before processing the order.  

7. If you need to include a note with your order, there is an “order note” section at the “Check Out” stage

8. If you have measurements in linear meters, for furniture we recommend to x that by 1.8 to get the amount of leather you would need.

9. For upholstery hides it is important to remember that an average hide size is about 5sqm, so if you needed 8sqm you may have to purchase 10-11 – or two full hides. Sojurn upholstery is about 35sqft per hide or about 3.25sqm, Premium upholstery hidea are approx 6sqm


Leather Grade Definitions

Leather is a beautiful natural product, with a unique shape, colour, texture, natural scars and markings, and different finishes.

These characteristics are graded at tannery into different grades, all with different price points.   

Tanneries grade these as A,B,C, TR, and Reject. Or 1sts, 2nd, 3rd grade and Rejects

All leathers will have some marking or something on them – they are a natural skin. 

A Grade/1sts 

These are near perfect hides, allows for 1-2 small defects in the prime cutting areas and 3-4 defects  across the rest of the hide.

B Grade/2nds

These can have 3 or 4 defects in the prime cutting area and some small holes in areas that are not prime cutting areas.

C Grade/3rds

These hides have damage, waste or large colour variation.


These are hides with significant damage, markings, and holes.

Table Run (TR)

This is a mix of grades.

Like most leather companies we purchase and sell TR (Table Run).  There will always be wastage in leather, getting to know about hides, yeilds and cutting panels is recommended. See our FAQ's page