Small Decorative Blesbok Rugs bring a modern safari aesthetic to your interior styling. With their striking features you can easily add a touch of contemporary glamour to your home, these exotic hides give your interior design a distinctive edge.
    Absolutely gorgeous as a wall hanging, placed on floors, as a cushion cover or draped over furniture, these Blesbok skins are the ultimate chic accessory.
    Being a genuine hide, no two hides will ever be exactly the same, each with their own unique characteristics, markings and colour tones.
    These hides are from wild animals and a by-product of the African Government s culling program and farming industry.
    (They may have marks, scars and holes)
    Hide SizeApproximately 1.03m x 0.80m - Each hide differs slightly in size due the natural nature of this product InformationHides are designed by Mother Nature, each one will have natural characteristics which is all part of their beauty! The hide you receive will differ slightly to the one pictured due to this individual nature
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