Hide Types & Sizes

We sell a wide variety of hides,  leather is a natural product, and all hides are unique.   



Cutting panels – average cowhide is around 2 m long down the spine and 1.4 through the middle of the hide

Every hide differs in shape and size, leather is a natural product and there will always be variations in the hides. 

Many of our hides are measured in sq. ft or sq. m. There are 10.764 square feet per meter. Multiply the number of square meters by 10.764.

To work out how much leather you will need instead of fabric, multiply your fabric quantity by 2.

All our information is provided as a guide only.

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Lapco are the supplier & source of many of New Zealand’s premier design projects. We are the experts in hide sourcing and supply.  Our website shows you a range of our beautiful leathers and hides, our catalogue of hides extends beyond what is shown on line. Not finding what you are looking for?   Talk to us.