Ordering Leather


Many of our leathers are sold by a side or a whole hide, in sqft or sqm.  

Where we have Min Order Qty (Minimum Order Quantity), it is the smallest amount you can order of that product. In the Natural Finish Whiskey example it is 15 – sqft

You can only purchase in multiples of the minimum order. If we use the example below of Natural Finish Whiskey, the average size of a side is 15 sqft so, your order quantity could be 15, 30, 45 …

The minimum order is the smallest amount of each kind of leather you can order (example 15 – sqft)

When we fill your order, your hide may be bigger or smaller because we had to estimate the size of the average hide according to product for the website. This variation will cause your cost to go up or down based on the actual amount of leather we supply you. We do our best to get as close as possible but leather is a natural product so there will be variation in size. 

Ordering Leather




Minimum order quantities apply to our Hardware selection as well.

For hardware, products can be ordered in multiples of the Min Order Qty. Many have a Min Order Qty of 25, so you can order 25, 50, 75, 100 etc.   Many of our hardware items come to us pre bagged in bags of 50. 



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